Along with muscle pain improvement, toxin removal and blood circulation

Maybe it’s because the season has changed recently, I’m not sure if the weather is affected
I don’t know if it’s because I get paid a lot, but I go home after work every time
I slept like I was faint, 강남가인안마 but the next day I felt really dizzy
It’s been years since I started working as an office worker
My shoulders seem to be cramped and my calves are swollen.
That’s why I asked my colleague who’s good at massages in Bundang
I made a reservation because I was introduced.

It’s a 10-second walk from Exit 2 of Migeum Station in Bundang
It’s really close, so it’s a good place to go after work.
There were other shops that had memberships, but it’s far from here
If you want to get there after work, you have to transfer once
I didn’t go because I was too lazy.
When I get a massage, I want to go somewhere close to home or work
I think the closest place is the best.

As many of you who’ve been to the massage shop know, approach them
Where I’m next to you, it feels noisy and loud
Personally, I don’t really like it.
Raina Spa specializing in massage in Bundang is a private space.

So luxurious and clean like the picture
It’s a neat interior like a hotel room.
I heard they use the Four Seasons Hotel Spa gown.
It’s not a cheap poly gown. It’s made of cotton
It was like a gown.

It’s near the main street and has good accessibility
There are a lot of people who come here regularly during peak hours
I heard it’s hard to make a reservation.
I’m using the betting I use in a six-star hotel
An acquaintance of mine told me it was really comfortable, but I lied down too
It was just a comparison.

So I can get a private massage
It’s in the style of a single room.

This place is good at massage in Bundang
Foot care scrub massage in relaxing chair
I’ll do it It’s warm and tiring
It felt like the muscles of my body were being relaxed.

Before getting a massage, take a foot bath and take care of it.
During the foot bath, the muscle relaxes and circulates the blood
It helps and improves the massage effect.

Put your feet in warm water for a while
The staff will come and give you scrubs and foot massages.
I was really looking forward to seeing how good the Bundang massage would be
The professional care system was so good.

French esthetic brand Beauty Mad and Dala Spa product line
They say they are using it. I shouldn’t have gotten a Bundang massage
It’s not a good company, is it?

It’s not just eye cream, it’s basic moisture cream
Water burners are much more popular than products on the market
It was moist. If I get it every day, I think I can get honey skin soon.

Care begins by relaxing the overall body tension.

Next, facial care. Simple basic skincare and sunscreen
I started with cleansing because I put it on.
Before you get a massage, clean up skin wastes first
They say it’s good to erase it and start, so everyone wants to get a massage
Please refer to it before you go.

In this order
Skincare needs to be sorted out to some extent
It penetrates the skin layer much more effectively
Regularly remove sebum and trouble care
You must accept it.

After extruding, bacteria enter and prevent inflammation
They meticulously apply effective products to Spot.

And this is facial massage
Using dry and essential beauty mad products
Let’s go. When I sometimes buy my own cream at home
There is, but there was a real difference.

There may be differences in the product, but the teacher who does it
There must be a difference between touch and technology, right? For no reason
I’m not an expert.
I use stone massage tools to inflate my face
It lowers the fever quickly.

I put a moisture pack on it and massaged it
It soothes the skin and moisturizes it
It allows ampoules to be absorbed deep into the face.

If you’re done with your face, you should do your body
Body also uses the Dala spa brand body mask
I am going to do care. It is said to contain minerals.

We’re going to release the toxins from your stomach
I was wondering if I had a lot of toxins or if I wasn’t feeling well
I felt a little uncomfortable. When did I do that
I feel better as if I did.

The abdomen is like this for slimming detox
They wrap things like foil. Maybe like sweat suit
I had a fever and it seemed to help burn fat in the abdomen.

And the part I really want to recommend
It was a lower body massage, but the other part was a lower body massage
I don’t get fat or swollen, but I keep sitting down
Only the calves get bigger

I was worried about it, but I couldn’t help it when I was taking care of her
And I took care of it so that it could circulate, and my legs were heavy
It became very light!

While massaging the calves, I even cut the soles of my feet
When I pressed it hard, it felt twice as cool.

We’re going to build deep muscles for good blood circulation
It’s very cool because you caught it. I don’t know about other parts
I want everyone to get this massage
I strongly recommend it.

And then the calf relaxes a bit
Wait 20 minutes after slimming detox mardimask wrapping.
If it were a different massage, it would have been a bit boring because it was long
I hope time doesn’t go by where I went this time.
It was a satisfying time for a minute and a second.

Apply French almond oil and gently cover your back
I’m giving you a massage, and it seems like the muscles in the massage area are working out very well
I did.

Finally, using Thermobody Lab
It improves muscle pain, removes toxins, and helps circulation
I finished with care.

After the massage session, I finish it with a shower
An expert’s hand that can be felt even in a private shower room!
The luxury body wash is not enough for a-z
I got care without it. I felt like I was in an overseas spa.

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