credit loan limit qualification condition

Hi, thanks to Mr. Yenny, I got a good one-month loan and came to stay

I was so glad I could find a financial company that could have a one-month loan in my situation
I knew that a general credit loan should be a basic three-month period
So I was so stuck on my own

I didn’t even think I was going to get a loan, but suddenly I had a rush to find out what was not planned
I can not help but search the Internet alone on the condition of a one-month loan

I even joined the cafe
I signed up and I read a lot of reviews because I had a lot of reviews
If you have a short period of service or do not have proof of income,

He took the loan well
I had hope, so I wanted to get a quick consultation, so I was waiting for it
I just got a call from Yney in an hour, and I got a call

I asked if there would be a way to find out about a one-month loan
I needed about 10 million won, but I was worried that this limit would come out with a one-month loan
First of all, Mr. Yenny looked at my conditions and helped me with the consultation
My credit score was 700 and I didn’t expect it

You asked me if there were a few financial institutions that could be used for a one-month loan
Not a financial one, but it’s a 15 million won limit
I didn’t know this limit would be good, but thanks to Mr. Yenny, I’m so grateful
I don’t think it’s going to be a big problem because I can repay it in 3-4 months, not for a long time

The one-month loan rate didn’t feel like it was high
You can tell me how to repay Mr. Yenny and somehow in my difficult situation
I think it was possible because you helped me find a good one-month loan

And now the urgent thing is almost 폰테크 done well
It was important, but it’s so good to finish it well
If you repay this one 3-4 months later and get a loan next time,
I’m gonna need to talk to you
We’re getting a lot of information. Thank you

There are many places where the schedule for civil service examinations due to corona has also changed, and I just hope that there will be good results for the examinees who have been preparing for the time being. As a result of investigating the preferences of the employed, the public officials are always ranked at the top, because they are stable workers and if they think about old age preparation, there will be no more jobs like this.

Those who sell financial products through banks are likely to prefer civil servants. Because the salary is steady, it is judged that there is enough ability to repay it. In other words, it is necessary to be a civil servant, but it is possible to proceed with the credit limit of Hana Bank properly

This can be done up to 100 million won with the maximum Hana Bank credit limit. If you make a repayment on a maturity date, you can set a period of one year, and if you proceed with a repayment, you will see five years.
The rate is on average at 5%; if it is a condition of benefit for interest rates, it can go down to up to 4%.

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