Knowing the Sunshine Loan Qualifications

with the spread and continuation of the virus
It has been a year since the global difficulties emerged.
I’ve heard a lot of news in the meantime
As a result, the situation has not been resolved.
The problem of employment and the economic atmosphere
It freezes even more and there are many problems.

Especially, the economic crisis is getting worse
Not only companies, but self-employed people continue to do so
to fire and reduce people through difficulties
We’re taking action.

This is why the economic difficulties of ordinary people are getting worse
I’m looking for ways to do this and that with a lot of problems.
The government is going to do a variety of products
The most famous system among them is Sunshine.

But in the case of sunshine, what system and product,
And you need to know what happens to your Sunshine Loan qualification.
So today, I’ll talk about this.

Sunshine theory is a legal system implemented by the state
It is a system that approves loans only if they meet the requirements.
This requirement is called a Sunshine Loan Qualification
It is important to judge your situation.

Once you look at the qualifications, you need more than three months of income,
If you are a business or a freelancer, you need proof of income.
Other conditions include annual income.
If you earn less than 35 million won, you can do it regardless of your grade.

If the credit rating is less than 45 million won,
Only those who have fixed income can apply.
As such, the qualification for a sunshine loan varies from individual situation to individual situation
I also need to know if it is the best system for me.

What is the maximum amount and the system I can receive at the moment?
What’s the lowest interest rate I can actually get?
Whether or not I am actually able to borrow and what about it?
What other essentials and elements that apply only to me?

I’m going to need to know
If you want to know, I recommend 폰테크 you take a consultation.
I will inform you quickly through free consultation for 3 minutes.

I recognized the Sunshine Loan Qualification as above
There is information that is needed after this.
The interest rate of sunshine is 7-9%
The limit is 15 million won, which is a low interest rate product.

There are two repayment periods of 3 years and 5 years,
You can repay by selecting what an individual wants.
This is why it is less burdensome.
If there is a 3% interest increase if the delinquency occurs
You can reach up to 24%, so you must be careful.

On the Licensing Qualification of Sunshine Loan and its Information
I’ve talked to him, and next thing we need to know about the agency.
The product, usually called Sunshine Loan, is a two-financial institution
The savings bank is managing it.
Nowadays, non-face-to-face activities are possible in line with trends.
But there are real cases where face-to-face needs to be done.
In this case, it has the advantage of being a little cheaper
In fact, it requires a lot of comparisons.

In fact, if you recognize the qualification for sunshine loan,
It’s a very important part, so we need to investigate it entirely.
So, usually, with a lot of professional help
There are many people who are in the process

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