There are some friendly matches, but in the future

The Korean national soccer team suffered a bitter defeat in the match between Korea and Japan.
South Korea lost 0-3 to Japan at the Nissan Stadium in Yokohama, Japan at 7:20 pm on the 25th. After 10 years of confrontation (after the 0-3 defeat at Sapporo in 2011), he dreamed of revenge, but he shook his head again in a helpless manner.

In all aspects, Korea was overwhelmed by Japan: tactics, player-use, and improvisation. Build-up soccer, which Paulo Bento had pursued, was hidden. His “poop-dumping” led to the painful consequences of the Yokohama disaster. 스포츠중계 It was foreseen.

It was a long time ago, when the Korean War was full of words and troubles.

With the world moaning with coronavirus, it was criticized for its excessive push for the game, and even after the official schedule was confirmed, there were nearly 1,000 corona confirmed in Japan a day. It is also important to turn the national soccer clock that stopped for a while, but the opinion that the safety of the players was the priority was dominant. Ahead of the game, officials from the Japan Football Association and hotel security officials in charge of South Korea were tested positive: the game was played normally because there was no direct contact, but it is not reassuring until the end. After returning home, he had to be tested for Corona and quarantined after returning home. After the Austrian expedition last November, there were confirmed cases.

Corona concerns have also affected the selection process. Ace Son Heung-min was unable to respond to the call-up due to the injury, but many of the players in Europe and Asia did not attend the expedition according to their teams and guidelines for the prevention of each country. Ulsan Hyundai, the K-League 1 champion, was the victim. Seven people, including Hong Chul, Cho Hyun-woo, Won Doo-jae, Kim Tae-hwan, Lee Dong-kyung, Kim In-sung and Lee Dong-jun, were on board. Yoon Kwang-ram was selected as the first to win the race, but Kim In-sung, Ulsan, was chosen as the replacement.

“The K-League should help the national team in a big way,” said Hong Myung-bo, but “I didn’t know that many players would be selected. The national team will have records or overall data on our team. It is an honor to be selected personally. More than half of the 11 players in the main game are out, but frankly, it is difficult for the club to prepare without these players. Some players have come back from injury, but I hope they communicate with each team without unilaterally selecting them. Normal players are right to go to the national team. I hope the national team coach and the coach of each K-League team will have a conversation for Korean football. “

He was angry to call him unilaterally without communication, and Hong Chul was in charge of the left defense by starting against Japan. However, he was not in normal condition. He was confronted with this bad thing, but he was not attacked by the opponent. In fact, Ulsan was selected by five people, and Kim In-sung and Lee Dong-kyung were replaced by the ground in the second half. The players who always set foot in their team changed into the national team’s red uniforms, but the weight of the match between Korea and Japan was considerable.

In terms of tactics, it was also a failing point. Japan was called up by nine Europeans. Maya Yoshida (Sampdoria) from Premier Leaguer and Takehiro Domiyas (Bologna), who has certainly settled on the Italian stage, have started the central defense; Bento has operated the zero-top, Lee Gang-in. It was natural that Lee Kang-in could not use his strength against two already proven walls in the big leagues, and it was hard to get the ball from the back. The reason for Na Sang-ho, Nam Tae-hee, and Lee Dong-joon was also drawn from the first line and aimed at penetrating from the second line. I changed the change in the second half to reverse the atmosphere, but it was only a flash for a while and there was no definite room.

“Lee Gang-in’s zero-top was a strategy today, breaking the opposing defensive line through it, and Lee Kang-in lured him when pressure came out, and Nam Tae-hee and others in the second line wanted to penetrate. It didn’t work out well. It was a tactical failure.”

In the end, Korea’s thirst for SON (Son Heung-min) and European factions has become even worse: it is an excuse that they lacked time to breathe and lacked the ability of players. It is also the manager’s ability to utilize the resources and place them in the right place.

“I don’t think the results would have changed if the foreign wave joined, but it’s not appropriate to mention it. It’s just an excuse that doesn’t accept the results. “We have to look back on the process of thinking about our play style and moving forward,” he said.

I said I wouldn’t make excuses, but why would it sound like excuses? There’s no time, no time.

Even if I tried to sleep so late at night, I was cheering all night and I did not get out of the way, so I did not know exactly how many people I had to sleep, but I was worried about drinking and drinking,I think that it is a mess of citizen consciousness because I think that it is a soccer game that everyone thinks is a enemy because of the stress of Corona era.

Of course, it is a personal freedom whether you watch soccer or not, but it is understandable that all of you are talking about in the activity time during the day, but it is a nagging thing to say that the selfish mind that is completely incomprehensible is a public mind. And the first problem is that it comes out in the news, but I think it is a shame that it will not happen right now if I do not know why I should play soccer between countries in this place where the Olympics are canceled.

And it is not an obligation, but a freedom. The Japanese team puts a sun flag in the uniform and the Korean team puts the sun flag and the Taegeukgi at the same time.This attempt to degrade our nationality will be a problem that we should consider, reflect and study for a long time in the Corona era what our sports should do for our society and human society in the future

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