It ended with a happy ending for the two of you to meet again.

King Yeongyang, who finds Pyeonggang, Ondal and the military dangerous at this rate,
He urgently leads more than 30,000 troops to Adan Mountain Fortress.
I’ll give you a chance to surrender.

At that time, the fortress was occupied by troops led by Pyeonggang and Ondal.
King Jinheung of Silla, who arrived afterwards,
Let’s send a letter to Pyeonggang and Ondal to disarm, open the gates, and surrender until dawn.
Or they’ll all die.
Your work is done. I’ll protect you, you havin.
No, I’m staying with you.

I’ll keep that letter until the end. General Ondal decided.
Dal brought the wounded soldiers to Pyeonggang and Jinyi first.
I order you to return to Pyongyang Castle.
Your Highness, Princess Pyeonggang of Goguryeo.

However, the place where the Pyeonggang River went to alone was the camp of Silla-gun.
The moment Pyeonggang pulled his sword to King Jinheung,
The plight appears and mediates the situation.

In the end, Pyeonggang was held like a prisoner in the Silla military camp.
King Jinheung, who has captured the Pyeonggang River, sends another letter to Ondal, who is occupying Adansanseong Fortress.
The letter said that Pyeonggang is in place.
Inside were the certificates that Pyeonggang and Ondal shared.
Princess doesn’t go to Seorabal. The residence is Pyongyang Castle.

At that time, Pyeonggang was being transferred to a drawer.
After learning that, Ko Geon goes to Pyeonggang with Haemoyong.
Once we had a small army, Haemolyong was injured.
You get away with it.
However, as soon as the news enters Silla-gun, the military will come.
Pyeonggang, who wants to let the Goguryeo army know his position as soon as possible!
In a dangerous situation, Ondal shoots an arrow so that he knows where he is.
Princess, my choice has always been one.

And the death flag of the following distress…
If Silla troops come soon, their lives will be in danger.
Koh Geon tells Pyeonggang his mind again as if it was the last time.
Have you ever been insulated just once?
I used to love you.

As expected, he died in the course of fighting the Silla Army…
Hae Mo-yong stays with Ko-geon until the end.
What a sad couple!
Later, when King Yeongyang arrived, Goguryeo succeeded in protecting Adansanseong Fortress from Silla!
I was wondering if Pyeonggang and Ondal would have a happy time with such confidence.
Then suddenly, soldiers in ambush appear and shoot arrows.
I love you.

Ondal, who blocks the flying arrows with his body and protects the Pyeonggang River to the end,
In the end, Ondal died in the arms of Pyeonggang…
He’s become a hedgehog.
And the whole month of the Lunar New Year, until the Pyeonggang River comes and sends it to me.
There’s a scene where you can’t move no matter how hard you push it.
Ondal left after listening to Pyeonggang.
Everyone returned to Goguryeo afterwards.
Pyeonggang left the castle after greeting King Yeongyang.
On the way out, I also met Moyong, who is now a Baekje man.
Fortunately, you seem to be living through it, right?
The place where Pyeonggang arrived was the moon and the house where I lived with my mother.
But the face I’ve seen a lot there.
It’s nothing but Ondal!
But Moon doesn’t recognize Pyeonggang at all.
He said he wanted to learn a secret story that would make his body look like a lyric for a while.

Let’s explain to Pyeonggang what happened to the moonlight that Dal was living with.
Pretending to be dead, briefly mentioned in Episode 19.
Dal told me that before he left for Pyongyang Castle again.

But maybe it’s because of lack of experience.
He lived through a crisis of death, but lost his memory.
I know you. You know that.
I don’t remember my name, I don’t know my hometown.

Since then, Pyeonggang has been trying to find Dal’s memory.
I take them to places where they have memories.
And first of all, it allows Dal to remember his 토렌트맵 name.
Pyeonggang, who held Dal’s cheek asking what our relationship was like afterwards!
Then Dal grabbed Pyeonggang’s face again and kissed him.
I thought I’d come back from the brink of death and lost my memory.
As expected, after meeting Pyeonggang, I think my memory came back.

As Pyunggang and Ondal told us, the moon died in Adansan.
And the tube didn’t move!
I thought the last episode would end with Pyeonggang leaving and living alone.
But it ended with a happy ending for the two of you to meet again.

The big story that Monk Wolgwang told me is amazing!
I can’t believe I’m still alive after being hit by an arrow.

Anyway, the last episode was a perfect match for Pyeonggang and Ondal.
Then I’ll wrap up the torrential fee for the river with the moon rising!

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