It’s open at 24:00. Feel free to visit!

I almost fell down the stairs, but I was surprised that my back suddenly got too tense. I visited the hospital quickly because I felt a lot of pain just sitting still, but I didn’t feel much better after getting acupuncture and physical therapy. I thought it would be right to relax my surprised muscles, so I went to Ansan to get a massage, but it was amazing that the hardships I’ve had so far have been overshadowed, so I’m going to introduce it to you. I’ve been to most of the famous massage shops in Ansan, so you can trust and visit all the places I mention.

The first Ansan Gunma Shop that I introduce is Ntherapy located in Gojan-dong. It is also famous for Ansan Taimasaji because it is composed of teachers from Thailand. It’s already a well-known place among massage lubbers, so it’s crowded with customers who always come, and they’re very familiar with wet care because they’re based on aroma massage.

It’s so nice to give you comfortable and comfortable care, and I always visit you on days when I’m tired of working overtime or especially busy at work due to fatigue. It’s 40,000 won for 60 minutes of aroma + emotional therapy, 50,000 won 서초건마 for green tea cream + emotional therapy, and 50,000 won for milk lotion + emotional therapy, which is recommended for those who don’t have the right oil. It’s 50,000 won for 60 minutes! I don’t think there’s a care product like this because it’s dry these days and not only hydrates but also exfoliates the skin. All Thai female teachers are here 24 hours a day, and it’s located in Citipraza, a one-minute walk from Jungang Station.

The second Ansan Gunma shop is also located in Gojan-dong. It’s Sharalla, and I really like this place because it’s bigger than anywhere else! Not only the size of the store but also the size of each room is so big that it doesn’t feel stuffy or stuffy at all. There’s also a shower room, so I’m not worried about dry massage or wet massage at all.

I’ll explain it based on the 70 minute course as an emotional therapy shop. It’s 110,000 won and it also has waxing therapy, so I always visit Sharala in Gojan-dong if I need to find Ansan waxing. It consists of all Korean teachers. It is open from 11 a.m. to 5 a.m. on weekends.

The last Ansan dry shop is The Healing located at Exit 2 of Daehang Station. Maybe it’s because it’s newly opened, but all the equipment and interior design are so new and clean! It’s so neat that I dare say it’s the best, and the massage skills are also cool to match the atmosphere of the store.

You’re probably more satisfied with the systematic management system, but you’re doing 60 to 90 minutes of aroma and Swedish massage, respectively. 70,000 won, 90,000 won, 90,000 won, 120,000 won, Korean / Thai managers. We’re open at 24:00. Feel free to visit!

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